ARTS Release Workshops

Joan Thomson: Prophetic Arts
Do you wonder what prophetic art is? Do you wonder if your art is prophetic? Do you wonder how to make prophetic art? Prophetic art is a mystery to many—is it live painting during a church service? Could be. Paintings of lions, swords and doves? Could be. A painting about a Bible principle or account? Could be.   Mostly, it’s simpler than that—or more complex; it’s art that says what God is saying, so it could be done in most any genre and in many subjects. I’ll share some of what I’ve learned along the way in making my art for God’s glory as well as what I’ve learned from others. I’ll also share new things I encounter—I’m still learning. Come learn with me!
Birte Papenhausen: Communicating Theology through Arts/Drama
Arts are a powerful and an important way to communicate theology. Art is much more than entertainment, but a tool to touch hearts, change world-views and reveal God's character. In this workshop, drama will be used as an example of how this powerful theological communication can be actually done.
Elizabeth Waugh: Embodied
Let's talk about ways (our) art can bring people closer to God. This workshop combines teaching, discussion with individual and collective practical activities exploring how and why the arts connect us with God and others. We will also spend time preparing for an outreach workshop in the local community.